C o m p o s e r,   T r u m p e t e r,   C o n d u c t o r


W I N D   B A N D   C O M P O S I T I O N S

for symphonic band  2016
An extremely complex and colorful soundscape that defies the normal medium of band composition. At 5 minutes in length, it is my first piece of the new year, 2016.

2016 Semi-Finalist for "The American Prize" in wind band composition.

1st Suite for Band
for concert band  2014
Zachary Ploeger's "1st Suite for Band" is a 7 minute concert work for symphonic or concert band. Hear the traditional sound of the band in all of its glory as your listen to a new and fresh suite for band. Modeled after the structure and style of the "Holst" Suites for band, my Suite for band will surely make a great edition to any serious concert. Great for any intermediate ensemble!