C o m p o s e r,   T r u m p e t e r,   C o n d u c t o r


C H A M B E R  E N S E M B L E  C O M P O S I T I O N S

Galactic Voyage
for woodwind quintet 2014
At seven minutes in length, my woodwind quintet will take you on an exciting musical journey. It combines tranquil, lyrical sections with huge, chaotic sections. You could easily imagine a spaceship speeding through space as the fast paced music depicts. All five of the instruments play a crucial role in this very difficult piece!
2015 Honorable Mention and Semi-Finalist for "The American Prize" in chamber music composition.
for brass ensemble 2015
Scored for 3 trumpets in Bb, 4 horns in F, 3 trombones, and 1 tuba. "Essay" is a modern addition to the brass ensemble repertoire. At 4 minutes in length, it provides the listener a great deal of contrast dynamically and harmonically. The dissonant pitch structure often layers many semitones against each other.
Concert Piece
for new music ensemble 2016
Scored for flute (piccolo and bass), clarinet in Bb (eb and bass), piano, percussion, and string quartet. The piece is 7 minutes in length and is all about the juxtaposition of sudden surprises. Often the piano and bass drum interrupt with sudden forceful blows. But the extended techniques, along with the percussion, create a vivid amount of varying colors throughout.
for brass quintet 2016
My quintet is a modern edition to the repertoire. Very challenging lines as well as interplay and extended techniques combine to create a gestural sound-scape. Scored for 2 trumpets in Bb, horn in F, trombone, and tuba. The duration is about 7 minutes.
Scatter Brain
for brass quintet and two antiphonal trumpets 2014
"Scatter Brain" is easily described as "out of control", and "unpredictable." At 6 minutes in length, my brass quintet will surely evoke these feelings and more. With the addition of two antiphonal trumpets, "Scatter Brain" is unlike any other brass quintet written to date.

Journey Down the Venus Fly Trap
for string quartet 2015
In two movements, depicting the end of a fly's life as it is captured, eaten, panics, and is digested by the Venus Fly Trap. The piece is 10 minutes in length and combines very gestural and challenging motives for the four string players. The piece is dedicated to the "Mivos String Quartet" who first played the piece during their Western Michigan University residency.

Theoi Meteoroi "Gods of Sky and Weather"
for brass quintet 2015
A very gestural piece based on Greek Gods of Weather. The 7 movements of the piece are Eos the God of Dawn, Nyx the God of Night, Helius the God of Sun, Anemi the God of Wind, Atlas the bearer of the Sky, Harpyiae the God of the Whirlwind, and Selene the God of the Moon. The piece is 9 minutes in length and features many gestural effects such as valve clicks and blowing air through the instruments to imitate wind.
for trumpet in Bb, horn in F, and trombone 2015
A 4 minute, 4 movement piece for brass trio. Each movement is contrasting. This piece is surely a great addition to the brass trio repertoire.
2016 Semi-Finalist for "The American Prize" in chamber music composition.
Remnant Moon
for new music ensemble 2015
Scored for flute (doubling on piccolo and alto flute), clarinet in Bb (doubling on bass clarinet), violin, viola, and cello. The piece is four equal and contrasting movements for a total duration of 6 minutes. The piece pushes the extremities of the instruments, especially range and challenges the listener as well as the performer with new sounds and textures.
for string quartet 2016
"Etude" is a 6 minute work for string quartet that explores the different spectrum of sounds available to the medium. The instruments spend time under the bridge of their instruments creating a grinding and sawing effect. They also have multiple moments where they transition in and out of sul ponticello and sul tasto, in addition to pizzicato and bartok pizzicato.