C o m p o s e r,   T r u m p e t e r,   C o n d u c t o r


O R C H E S T R A L   C O M P O S I T I O N S

for full orchestra  2017

*Currently in Progress* 

The intention of this work is to be a collection of short movements, all of which are contrasting. Currently only the first movement is completed. The piece explores the wide array of colors and combinations for orchestra, while developing materials in a "juxtaposition" manner.

Daydreamer's Fantasy
for full orchestra  2014

Think of your wildest daydream. “Daydreamer’s Fantasy” puts music to these scenes. At 9 minutes in length, the piece is a stunning symphonic poem for full orchestra that combines the color of Debussy, the modern techniques of Schoenberg, and the power of Wagner. If only one word could be used to describe the piece, that word would be “contrast.” Unique to anything else ever written by Zachary Ploeger, this piece is truly a signature work. Let your mind wander and explore your own fantasies as you listen to them come to life.

The New Planet
for chamber orchestra  2015
"The New Planet" picks up where "The New World Symphony" left off. The piece, in two movements, depicts what is is like to experience the unknown. The length of the work is 6 minutes.

Symphony for 12 Strings
for string orchestra  2014
"Symphony for 12 Strings" is a four movement work for string orchestra. The piece features twelve individual string parts. This combines the qualities of a full string orchestra and a chamber ensemble. The piece is six minutes in length. With twelve unique parts, every chromatic pitch within an octave can sound simultaneously.