C o m p o s e r,   T r u m p e t e r,   C o n d u c t o r


S O L O   I N S T R U M E N T   C O M P O S I T I O N S

for trumpet in C and piano 2015
At 6 minutes in length, "Proclamation" takes a new spin on a classic principle for trumpet: the fanfare. This single movement work is both exciting and challenging! The work was commissioned by Professor of Trumpet, Scott Thornburg of Western Michigan University and will be premiered by him and Helen Lukan on the New Works Recital of the 2017 International Trumpet Guild in Hershey, PA.
for flute and piano 2017
A three movement work for flute and piano that features both instruments prominently and equally. The duration of the work is about 9 minutes and each movement features new material, with the third combining new material and materials from the previous two movements. 
for unaccompanied trumpet in Bb 2017
An 8 minute work for trumpet where the instrument is slowly disassembled til only the mouthpiece remains. As the slides are removed, different pitches speak while others "bottom out." This creates interesting gestures that contrast between the sections of the work while the trumpet is being taken apart.
for unaccompanied cello 2015
A seven movement work at a duration of 7 minutes. The piece features dramatic extended techniques for the cello that truly stretch the sound of the instrument.
2016 Semi-Finalist for "The American Prize" in chamber music composition.
for unaccompanied bass trombone 2015
At 4 minutes in length, "Amuusse" is an amusing piece that uses the entire bass trombone. The highest and lowest sounds, as well as a multitude of extended techniques are employed to add drama and interest to the piece.
for unaccompanied Bb clarinet 2016
The piece plays on the half-step relationship in tonal music that signifies the resolution. We as the listeners have been conditioned to hear this and react, whether consciously or subconsciously. This non-tonal piece uses that relationship to develop and tie material together from start to finish. The piece has contrasting lyrical and technical sections. It also plays to the idiomatic tendencies of the clarinet by using wide leaps and agile jumps. The piece is around 5 minutes in length.