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About Zachary Ploeger


Zachary Ploeger is quickly emerging as one of the most promising musicians of his generation. As an active trumpeter and composer, he is constantly in demand. At 26 years of age, he has already performed for audiences all around the world.

Zach is currently pursuing a doctorate in music at the University of Minnesota where he holds a Music Fellowship. He completed his master's degree at Arizona State University where he was the Rafael Mendez Scholar in Brass. At ASU he studied with Regents Professor David Hickman, one of the most highly regarded trumpet pedagogues of all time. Zachary also holds undergraduate degrees in trumpet performance and composition from Western Michigan University. Zachary has recorded three solo trumpet albums with pianist Miriam Hickman. The pair also frequently tour and perform in venues around the United States. He is also the recipient of multiple Southwest Minnesota Arts Council Grants and one from the Minnesota State Arts Board. In addition to trumpet, he is an active composer of modern classical concert music. Zach is the recipient of seven "American Prize Awards" for excellence in the field of music composition and his works are frequently performed around the world. 

Zach is strongly committed to expanding the classical music audience. He knows that when focusing on the main goal of audience members having a rewarding experience, that any person can enjoy and appreciate the artform. That is why he endeavors to bring classical music to people in new and innovative ways. His latest project to do this is the “Zachary Ploeger Streaming” platform. Through this modern medium, people can not only experience his music through in-person performances, but also anytime on their own devices.  

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