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SMAC Grant

I recently learned that I have been awarded a grant through the Southwest Minnesota Arts Foundation and the McKnight Foundation. They are providing funds for the creation of a new CD to be released in the coming year. The tracks will all be works composed by myself, and all will involve trumpet, which I will perform.

Check out the Press Release here.

"Zachary Ploeger, Pipestone, $5,000 for the completion of recordings that would be available as a CD and digitally. All tracks are original compositions composed by Zachary, and he will be featured as the primary performer with his trumpet on each track. The project will also include a recital tour to various locations throughout the US and the SMAC region, but the tour will be funded through means other than the SMAC grant. The SMAC grant will enable Zachary to ensure the recording would be produced in a professional recording facility at the highest level of production and with other musicians of high caliber."

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