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Review of "Ploeger Plays Ploeger" in the ITG Journal

Nice review of "Ploeger Plays Ploeger" in the March 2020 International Trumpet Guild Journal! 🎺

Read the Review Online ⬇️…/…/202003_itg_journal

“As the title implies, Zachary Ploeger’s Ploeger Plays Ploeger is a collection of new works for trumpet performed by the composer. Ploeger’s compositional style is both broad and angular, often pairing declamatory statements from the trumpet with more densely packed rhythmic and harmonic statements from the piano. The album begins with Proclamation for Trumpet and Piano, described by the composer as a “truly new take on the proclaiming nature of the trumpet.” The work consists of a series of fanfare gestures that progress toward a serene and quite unexpected finish to the piece. The program notes describe the next work, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, as “a departure from musical norms [that] expands the canon, and represents a definitive new sound unlike any other work in the repertoire.” The first movement begins with a slow piano introduction before launching into a vigorous and rhythmically engaging Allegro. Ploeger demonstrates his skill as a performer, navigating the extensive challenges of his music with great security. Also worthy of special mention is the fourth movement of Miniatures for Trumpet and Piano. The calm, lyric quality of both the composition and the performance creates a very effective and welcome contrast with the surrounding material. The contrast created between the end of the fourth movement and the low piano ostinato to open the fifth movement is particularly effective. This album represents an important contribution to the trumpet repertoire from a composer and performer with a bright future.”

Jason Crafton, International Trumpet Guild Journal, March 2020, pgs. 68-69.

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